Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Image if social anxiety disorder

Beginning with Mark Twain’s saying that “Man is the only animal that blushes … or needs to” it is important to note that human shyness and self-consciousness can appear to be so pronounced that a person tries to evade any interpersonal contact or endures them with intense discomfort. Such people suffer from social anxiety disorder, a sociopsychological disease that draws more and more attention of the medical community nowadays.

People with social anxiety disorder are typically shy, timid, quiet in groups and feel uncomfortable being in the center of attention. They crave for the company of others but their fears prevent them to live a full-fledged social life. They lack self-esteem. Thus, they avoid speaking in public, expressing opinions or even hanging out with their peers. They find it difficult to deal with people in authority and are unable to speak or perform in public. In other words social anxiety disorder interferes with their functioning in a wide range of social situations.

Social anxiety disorder often occurs in childhood. In course of time social anxiety disorder is frequently complicated by the occurrence of other comorbidities such as alcohol abuse and depression. As a matter of fact, social anxiety disorder is the most common disease among depressed patients. Most people with social anxiety disorder have experienced one or more depressive episodes in life. Also the socially anxious often suffer from sleeping disorders.

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